Passion, Focus and Process are the keys to any successful business. When the team works with you and your business, STRATOSFEAR will help lay out the business pathway to success by combining both their real life hands on experience in running their own businesses, in addition to their distinguished academic knowledge. This practical business expertise is a rare combination in the consulting world.


Jamie Holroyd

Jamie is one of Western Australia’s most well known and respected leading Strategic Management & Business Advisory professionals. He enjoyed a distinguished 20+ year career in Finance and Investment Banking, before starting the hugely successful Strategic Management & Business Advisory firm STRATOSFEAR with his partner Jacque in 2009. Guided by Jamie's work in the intensely competitive logistics industry, STRATOSFEAR is a past winner of the National Business Advisory SME Turnaround of the Year Award.

Those who have seen Jamie in action praise his ability to tell stories through the use of powerful anecdotes which breakdown complex issues into simple entertaining concepts. His emphasis on the visual makes working with him, taking part in training or seeing him speak an unforgettable experience.


Jacqueline Holroyd

Jacque has an extensive range of specific industry experience in many business sectors including but not limited to business advisory, mining services, software engineering, retail food sector, franchising, banking, foreign exchange and local government. A dynamic networker and problem solver with an entrepreneurial flair for opportunity spotting and deal creation, Jacque combines a unique blend of skills to maximise client business development opportunities.

Jacque’s strong people skills and down to earth approach help her to work with the clients to identify and resolve work flow issues. Her ability to hone into root causes and overcoming management problems in creative ways makes her a valuable addition to the STRATOSFEAR team.

Tristan Holroyd

Tristan's a young, dynamic finance broker aiming to provide homeowners, property investors and businesses the best finance solutions specifically tailored to their needs. While Tristan has a wide service offering, through demand he specialises in assisting Self employed/business owners to reduce debtors and increase cashflow with innovative finance solutions.

Tristan's on a mission to help businesses, homeowners and property investors to streamline the finance component of purchases, by sourcing the best possible solutions on the market through leveraging the team's 30+ years of banking experience and access to a wide range of lenders.

If dealing with banks drives you mad, give Tristan a call to discover how he can help you.
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STRATOSFEAR harnesses the knowledge and experience of our staff in order to help clients transition from each of the various stages in their Corporate Lifecycle evolution. If clients conquer the transition points in the business lifecycle, they often go on to achieve something truly special.

This is what makes STRATOSFEAR one of a kind. Very few advisory firms can successfully help businesses grow to become large corporates as STRATOSFEAR does. If you have the desire to become an aspirational business, we want to hear from you.