No matter what the size of the business, many businesses find themselves in financial difficulty from time to time. The longer a business waits to seek assistance, the greater the probability of business mortality. Earlier intervention is critical. STRATOSFEAR prides itself on keeping early stage distressed businesses from reaching the stage of formal Administration.

STRATOSFEAR’s Business Triage Service includes:

  • Business viability and solvency testing.
  • Negotiating with secured and unsecured creditors.
  • Stakeholder management.
  • Working capital optimisation.
  • Asset utilisation and realisation – Equipment and Human Capital.
  • Identifying low cost operating efficiencies.
  • Pricing strategies and structures review.
  • Client based analysis optimisation.
  • Business development.

In 2014 STRATOSFEAR was formally recognised by its peers by winning the prestigious National SME Turnaround of the Year Award for our work in the Logistics Industry, as awarded by the internationally recognised Turnaround Management Association (TMA).



STRATOSFEAR harnesses the knowledge and experience of our staff in order to help clients transition from each of the various stages in their Corporate Lifecycle evolution. If clients conquer the transition points in the business lifecycle, they often go on to achieve something truly special.

This is what makes STRATOSFEAR one of a kind. Very few advisory firms can successfully help businesses grow to become large corporates as STRATOSFEAR does. If you have the desire to become an aspirational business, we want to hear from you.