We are excited to announce that our list of services will now include a formal finance offering with the merger of STRATOSFEAR Pty Ltd and Exponential Finance Pty Ltd. This newly combined entity creates a unique opportunity to rebrand as STRATOSFEAR - Finance, Strategic Management and Business Advisory.

The ability to provide Finance Solutions under the one brand creates a unique, holistic and streamlined service offering for our business clients, as well as self employed business owners, their family, friends and PAYG staff.

While we make the changes to our new and improved website to be launched soon, you can check our finance service offering at

The founders of STRATOSFEAR - Finance, Strategic Management and Business Advisory want to create an avenue to help Businesses and Consumers maximise their opportunities for success. As seasoned industry professionals, STRATOSFEAR have expertise to navigate the challenges and complexity that Businesses and Individuals have to work through, to meet the often convoluted range of requirements demanded by Banks and financial institutions.

STRATOSFEAR allows you to focus on what you do best. To get started, please contact Jacque 0411 471 740 or



STRATOSFEAR harnesses the knowledge and experience of our staff in order to help clients transition from each of the various stages in their Corporate Lifecycle evolution. If clients conquer the transition points in the business lifecycle, they often go on to achieve something truly special.

This is what makes STRATOSFEAR one of a kind. Very few advisory firms can successfully help businesses grow to become large corporates as STRATOSFEAR does. If you have the desire to become an aspirational business, we want to hear from you.